is Azerbaijan’s first online tour booking platform. We hope to surprise and delight you with our diversity of imaginative and interactive tours. We will strive to give you memories of Azerbaijan that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Our group of young tour guides are participants of the “Guide Me In Baku” training initiative, started by PASHA Travel together with the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU). The programme teaches a range of presentation skills aimed at giving tourists a fuller, more lively experience as well as a deeper understanding of Azerbaijan’s cultural and historical sites. The project’s other main goal is to attract young foreign language speakers into the field of tourism, helping them to acquiring a range of additional qualifications to create a platform for their professional development.

Candidate guides must pass the state examination arranged by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism through ATMU. But the programme goes deeper: over the course of lectures and master classes from leading foreign and local tourism professionals, special attention is given to nurturing the guides’ creativity allowing new insights into existing routes and encouraging the formulation of whole new itineraries with off-beat themes.

The BakuSightseeing platform operates under PASHA Travel LLC, itself founded in 2003 as a division of PASHA Group, Azerbaijan’s largest holding company that’s also involved in real estate, construction, insurance and banking. Today PASHA Travel has the reputation of being one of Azerbaijan’s top corporate travel agencies. By choosing us you can be sure that you’ll have the best of the best at your service.

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