Chelebi is one of the famous design of Karabakh carpet school, one of the 7 carpet schools in Azerbaijan. It derives its name from a mountainous and scenic village in Karabakh region, north-west of the country, renowned for its elaborately decorated carpets.

The idea of the company came from the installation of the artist Farid Rasulov. The installation “Chelebi Carpet Room” was shown during 55th Venice Biennale of contemporary art where Farid Rasulov represented Azerbaijan Pavillion. Chelebi Room is the area of coexistence of West and East, a peaceful experience of arithmetic beauty. Our company is based in Baku and run by great creative and energetic team! We offer a complete range encompassing furniture, ceramics, cushions, textiles and accessories. Traditional Azeri patterns, culturally familiar motifs and folkloric scenes adorn most pieces, and have a dual purpose: to be visually striking yet they evoke colorful childhood memories and provide a gentle reminder in daily life.

While the furniture shapes are always classic and effortlessly stylish, CHELEBI encourages artists to draw on long-forgotten techniques and medieval inspiration for their handmade objets d’art. Existing artwork by eminent Azerbaijani artists is incorporated into some prints, but most designs are made especially for CHELEBI. The themes in the current collection include Fruits, Plants, Wild Birds, Fairy Tales, Ornaments, Musical Instruments and Proverbs that are an intrinsic part of Azerbaijan and its culture.

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